Smart, Innovative, Affordable

Bespoke software solutions designed to help with the day to day running of your small business

Smart girl in foreground Smart Data Solutions has been responsible for producing software that has reduced paperwork by as much as 100% in some environments and has, for more than 10 years provided manufacturing companies with a complete replacement of their manual order processing systems.

Improvements don't stop there, continued development of software solutions direct with customers has produced some groundbreaking material in terms of automation of what was once a laborious and very time consuming task. The key elements of the interfaces produced by Smart Data Solutions are 'Ease of use', 'Automation', 'Task scheduling', 'Machinery integration' and 'Reduction of Paperwork'.

There are no 'Off-the-Shelf' products, every bit of software is totally bespoke to each customer and yet the modular nature of the software can result in substantial savings as 'Generic' modules can be added for little extra cost.

Smart Data Solutions can provide you with totally bespoke software for single or mulitple users. The software can be web based or desktop based. It can be provided stand-alone, server-client or even installed on a Terminal Services Server.